Portraits are a wonderful gift for the person who has everything and become a much treasured family possession. Perhaps you are a professional looking for an academic portrait, a family member such as child portraits or even a memorial painting (post humously). 

These are examples of commissions, all are oil on canvas and were painted from a supplied photograph. Try to choose a photo with a good variety of light and shade and which has clear detail. 

Jiu Jitsu Champion

Oil on Canvas

16" x 20"

I really enjoyed this commission of a Ji Jitsu champion. It feels like a very dynamic composition, lovely to cover a sportsman.

Zeta portrait

Oil on canvas

16" x 20"

I worked from 2 photos for this portrait, one which was better of Zeta and one taken a few seconds later of her cat.

Commissioned portrait

Oil on canvas

16" x 20"

I photographed the sitter and experimented with clothing and jewellery to give points of interest. Try to think about textures of fabrics and composition if you are taking your own photograph.

Child portraits

Oil on canvas


This young lady was photographed in a busy room without any focal point in the picture. I thought it would be fun to include the crystal ball but perhaps when taking photos of children to think about including a favourite toy.


Oil on canvas

16" x 20"

Portrait of two girls

Oil on canvas


I had been given two very old passport sized photos to work from. Using a girl from each photo I spliced them together and enlarged them to work from. Not ideal but it can be done.

Rocker portrait

Oil on canvas


I was able to set up this composition using photographs and having him sit occasionally for detail. The stars were added at the end.

Oil on canvas


This painting was from a photograph which I set up. I directed light to give depth and used a limited pallet. Having interesting clothing gives a feature and style to the painting. 

Commissioned Portrait

Oil on canvas

16"x 20"

This painting was taken from a photograph taken in a pub. I cropped in, cutting out unnecessary background.

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Katie Ray


+44 (0) 790 526 1327

"I am delighted with my portrait. Katie has a real talent for portraiture that is lifelike yet flattering and which I am very happy to display alongside other artwork."

"I was looking for a unique present to mark my daughters 10th birthday. She painted a strikingly beautiful portrait of her. I have already commissioned her to do a second family portrait."

Member of Figurative Artist


Featured in The Artist magazine Feb 2020

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